Surrey, B.C. Canada: House pricing in 2018

Surrey, a metro centre in B.C, is growing and gunning to be the biggest city within this province — approximately 22 per cent of B.C births occurs in Surrey — and it is only a matter of time for this to happen. Up until recently, the housing market in Canada has been in a frenzy, especially in British Columbia. But all of that seemed to have cooled, and if what we hear from property analysts is true, then it will continue so for a while

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first time home buyers surrey bc

Tips for first-time home buyers in B.C. Canada

Landing your first dream home in B.C Canada can be such an exciting feeling. However, the strategic planning and knowledge required can be complex considering homeowner insurance, down payment, deposits, financing and unplanned expenses. What ordinarily should be an exciting experience can turn into a stress-filled one. Canadians are among the highest homeowners in the world. Imagine two out of every three Canadian families as landlords – that is an incredible statistic right there! And it can only get better. In that line of thought,

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House Pricing in Surrey, B.C.

House pricing in Surrey, B.C. Traditionally, one of thе major аttrасtіоnѕ оf a mоvе tо Surrey, B.C. Cаnаdа fоr many people has bееn thе affordable cost оf hоuѕіng соmраrеd with other major cities. This particular аttrасtіоn has fаdеd іn the last several months due to tighter mortgage rules and higher interest rates. More specifically, a November 2018 report by indicates that the average house price in Surrey is $920,212 with a median time on the market (or time until sold) of approximately 30 days. 

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